Like Education, Dr Fok recognized the intimate link between public health and the strength of a country. A frail person himself, and having had to strive in difficult times, Dr Fok believed that for a country and its citizens to meet the challenges in life it was necessary to have a strong body and mind.

In support of this belief, Dr Fok set up a HK$100 million Sports and Physical Education Foundation in 1984 and devoted much personal time and effort developing sports and sports related activities. Twenty years hence, this Foundation has contributed in excess of HK$400 million to:

Building more than 20 modern sports centers, gymnasiums, and facilities for nurturing talents in the Mainland, Hong Kong and Macau;
Promoting badminton and Chinese chess, two popular sports in the country, and nurturing talents to compete in the international arena, and
Offering various incentives and bonuses to encourage sports excellence.
Dr. Fok was also a strong supporter and sponsor in a wide range of sports organizations and activities, both within and outside the country. For example:

  • the Peking Asian Games Stadium,
  • the International Olympics Committee,
  • the Springfield College of the United States,
  • the Chinese Sports Museum,
  • the Chinese Medal Winners of Olympic Games,
  • the famous Chinese Long-Distance Running Team of Coach MA
In the early 1970s, Dr. Fok successfully helped China restore its position in the international sports arena. For his endearing efforts, his perseverance and tireless commitment to sports, Dr Henry Fok was honored as China's ˇ§Civil Sports Ambassadorˇ¨.

Source from: The 2004 FYTF Commemorative Exhibition, Nansha Bookstore