Red Triangle Economic Zone

Another cornerstone of Dr. Fok's believes is that rural and mountain areas should develop in congruence with urban areas; he believed that this was crucial to the overall modernization of a country. He identified three cities - Shaoguan in Guangdong, Ganzhou in JiangXi, and Chenzhou in Hunan - to support. These three cities, geographically located together, are popularly referred to as the ˇ§Red Triangleˇ¨ because of its historical past as the Base for Communist Red China Revolutionists.

Amongst his first contributions was a hydroelectric power station, built in 1994, in the poor mountainous region. Other programs in science, education, arts and sports followed. Dr Fok also supported the Ming Yuen Foundation, set up in 1995, to build ˇ§Hope Schoolsˇ¨ for poor and needy students and to subsidize education, sports, medical and cultural projects, for example:

  • "Poems in North River", a cultural summer camp for students;
  • the publication of cultural and literature books
To further enhance its development, the Fok Ying Tung Foundation and the Ming Yuen Foundation agreed on 9th February 2003 to the establishment of the ˇ§Red Triangle Economic Zone Co-operation Associationˇ¨ where the three cities will actively co-operate with Nansha for the mutual benefit and growth of Nansha and the Red Triangle.

Source from: The 2004 FYTF Commemorative Exhibition, Nansha Bookstore