Hailing from the area, Dr Fok's vision is to transform the fishing town of Nansha into a modern coastal city, with an active and flourishing business environment supported by a wide variety of social amenities and services, making her an attractive city to work and live in. He hopes that the city will be able to capitalize on its ideal location at the center of the Pearl River Delta to co-operate and promote economic integration with Hong Kong and bring prosperity to both Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta (PRD) region.

3D Map of Nansha

Dr Fok's efforts in building up Nansha as a city ranged widely from building a comprehensive transportation network of highways, bridges, passenger and cargo ferry terminals for easy access to and from Nansha, to a commercial hub, to attractions for the enjoyment of tourists and local citizens alike, and through a collaboration with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, a technology base to promote economic integration between Hong Kong and the PRD, to an array of social and community programs including schools, hospitals and clinics.

In doing so, Dr Fok had significantly improved the investment environment and quality of life in Nansha and the surrounding Panyu region. More importantly, his initiatives may have been the impetus that spawned the Guangzhou Government's Master Plan, prompting it to build up Greater Nansha as the Heart of the Pearl River Delta.

Some of the Dr Fok's and his Foundation's initiatives in Nansha in the past 20 years include:

A) Infrastructure and Transportation:

Land reclamation: this initiative not only saved valuable land and water loss from the Pearl River estuary, it was also an invaluable source for academic and information research;

Seafront Developments
Humen Ferry Terminal: started in 1991, this service has been a huge social benefit for both sides of the Pearl River;

Nansha Ferry Terminal: opened on 3rd March 1992, the terminal afforded great convenience to passengers traveling between HK and Nansha. This terminal ceased operation when the new ferry terminal came into operation in May 2005ˇCThe new terminal offers frequent daily ferry services between Nansha and Hong Kong on high-speed catamarans. The Guangzhou's subway (Metro-Rail No. 4 line) terminates at Nansha Ferry Termina, after making several stops along the way, inclduing the Guangzhou University Town and Toyota City at Nansha, from Guangzhou. Tel: (86) 20 84688963.


Ferry Terminal (Ceased)

New Ferry Terminal

B) Hi-Tech Development:

Nansha Information and Technology Park (NSITP): a joint venture between the Fok Ying Tung Foundation, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and the Guangzhou Government, the Park is home to many technology companies, projects and professionals, with its provision of high-quality facilities and services.
http://www.nsitp.comˇ@ˇ@Tel: (86) 20 8498 4760

Conference & Training Center

Software Building

Staff Dormitory

Staff Apartments


Puzhou Hi-Tech Development Park: commenced operation in 1999, the Park has a conference center, education and training center, cultural streets and a wide variety of facilities and services catering to daily needs.
TelˇG(86) 20 8468 6171

Conference Center
Tel: (86) 20 8468 2009
Puzhou Shopping Mall 
Tel: (86) 20 8468 6171



C) Recreation/Tourism:

Nansha Golf Club: opened in November 1998, the club boasts 2 courses of 18-holes, designed by John Jacobs, who cleverly blended the courses into the mountains and valleys of Nansha. ˇ@ Tel: (86) 20 8468 1888

Golf Club

Between 1996-1998, a series of tourist projects were completed, such as the Tianhou " Goddess of the Sea" Temple, Suzhou Waterfront Street, and the Puzhou International Garden and German Beer House.

  Tianhou Temple

Beer Garden

Nansha Grand Hotel
Tel: (86) 20 3930 8888

Suzhou Waterfront Street

D) Education:

Ying Tung Education and Training Center: the Center opened its doors in April 2001 to provide modern teaching facilities to facilitate learning and academic exchange and for conferences.
Guangzhou Ying Tung Middle School: with a capacity of up to 1200 students, the School provides an enviable range of facilities, rarely found in local schools. The School's first intake is in September 2004.ˇ@
http://www.fytschool.comˇ@ Tel: (86) 20 8468 6968

Guangzhou Ying Tung Middle School

Nansha Science Museum: open on 29th December 1999, the Museum provides a platform for academic exchange, scientific demonstrations and exhibitions and general education.
Tel: (86) 20 8468 4760

Science Museum

E) Commercial:

PRD Nansha World Trade Center and Hong Kong Chinese Chamber of Commerce Building: a joint investment with the Fok Ying Tung Foundation, the 24-storey and 18-storey high commercial buildings situated on the central axis of Nansha, aims to increase the attractiveness of Nansha and to enhance business relationship between Mainland China and Hong Kong. ˇ@Tel: (86) 20 8498 6222ˇ@

World Trade Center -

Service Apartment
Source from: The 2004 FYTF Commemorative Exhibition, Nansha Bookstore