Dr Fok recognized the importance of education and its influence on personal growth; that a country's wealth was directly correlated with the strength (or weakness for that matter) of its education system.

A keen supporter of education, particularly primary education for children, Dr Fok, through his Foundation donated generously towards the support and construction of some 71 buildings in universities, middle and primary schools, and 28 large-sized gymnasiums. In addition, the Foundation also supported / organized / managed a variety of training programs, conferences and field trips.

Guangzhou Ying Tung Middle School

Of recent years, Dr Fok focused his attention on raising the education level in the Red Triangle Region of China. By building schools and giving children in the countryside the opportunity of an education, Dr Fok hopes to narrow the wealth-poverty gap between cities and the countryside.

Another initiative, is the establishment of Pei Hua Education Foundation in 1982, which Dr Fok undertook with his friend, Mr. Lee Shau Kee. The objective of this Foundation is to provide Management grade personnel in Inland China the opportunity for training in and exposure to a market economy. Experts from reputed education institutions such as the University of Calgary (Canada) and Zhongshan University (Guangzhou, PRC) were invited to teach in the Program. Over the past 20 years, ten thousands of personnel have benefited from the Foundation's education and training activities, and in turn they have been able to make important contributions to society and the country.

Source from: The 2004 FYTF Commemorative Exhibition, Nansha Bookstore