Nansha City
Economic and Technological Development Zone (ETDZ)

Nansha's unique geographical location has earned its designation as the Guangzhou Government's Economic and Technological Development Zone (ETDZ).

The development of Nansha is based on the idea "start by industries, promote by projects". Construction of modern infrastructure and investment in high quality social services will support the development of Nansha. The main focus of Nansha's development are in port, logistics and harbour-related industries and in the IT and technology industries.

The Five Areas

The five geological areas of the Nansha development zone are ideal for the industries that are currently under development. The five areas include the Nansha High Tech Industrial Park (Nansha IT Park), the Huangge Comprehensive Industrial Base, the Regional Comprehensive Service Center, the Wanqingsha Harbor-related Industrial Base, and the Logistics Center on Longxue Island.

I. Nansha High Tech Industrial Park

The Nansha High Tech Industry Park takes advantage of the local industry developments to develop high-tech industry and information services, especially focusing on IT industry. Nansha IT Park is the high-tech and IT research and production center that has emerged from this objective.

II. Huangge Comprehensive Industrial Area

The Huangge Comprehensive Industrial Park will eventually contain a petrochemical storing, distributing, logistic and manufacturing base.

III. Regional Comprehensive Area

The Regional Comprehensive Service Center is a collaboration of industrial facilities focused in different areas of development.

IV. Wanqingsha Harbor-related Industrial Base

Nansha is located on the mouth of Pearl River, the main route and the hinterland of Lingding Ocean. The wide ocean, deep water depth and wide open space for development make the location ideal for a deepwater harbor. Therein, the objective of the Industrial Harbor Base is to form a modern harbor-related industrial base for petrochemical, steel and machinery equipment under the guidance of combining the professional port construction and harbor-related industry layout.

V. Logistics Center on Longxue Island

The Logistics Center exploits the deepwater ports on Longxue Island with use of estuaries and ship channels made of river networks. The new Logistics Center (pictured left), when completed, will open Nansha to the world and the world to Nansha, allowing it Nansha to grow into a modernized logistic center.

The new Nansha ferry dock Since Dr. Henry Fok's initiation of his Nansha City master plan and the State's Council approval of ETDZ in 1993, Nansha has undergone extensive transformation with its infrastructure and city planning fast-approaching world-class standards. Nansha IT Park, which plays a substantial role in the City's commitment to Information Technology, thereby is able to ride on the city's escalation and upgrade its own establishment.

Source: Investment Manual of Nansha Development Zone, Guangzhou
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